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A developer by hobby, passionate in User Interface and User Experience designing with a Professional experience of 1 year in UI development and OpenText's Cordys. I love to create programs because, it's fun!  . I also love to learn new methods and technologies that make UI/UX designing better.

I like to take photos too..

Sunrise 🌄. #cityscape #nature

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Angular JS


I also have a good experience in C#, good knowledge in porgramming languages like C, C++, PHP, J2EE and SQL and good knowledge in using tools like Visual Studio, php myadmin, github and svn.


Clock Alert

A Clock that chimes every hour

Clock alert is a windows application. The application sits in the system tray and chimes every hour to help computer users and prevent them to loose track of time when working/playing in it.

Turnoff Display

A quick way to turn off your display

Turnoff display is also a windows application that helps users of devices with integrated display like laptops to turnoff their display to save power.